Your Horse Called – Here’s How He Wants His Stall Designed

horse on phoneYour horse spends a lot of time in their stall.  Here are some things he wants you to know to keep him happy and safe.

  1. Take into account his size. While smaller horses or ponies can get by with a 10’x10’ stall, most horses need at least a 12’x12’ stall. Warmbloods or mares with foals may require larger stalls.  The “rule of thumb” is a stall length should be 1-1/2 times the length of the horse so he has room to turn around and lay down.
  2. At least an 8’ divider between his stall and his “neighbor.” A wall with an upper half grill at least part of the way across lets your horse see other horses without them annoying him. Open space at the top of the stall dividers help the air circulate within the stall interior.
  3. A stall made of strong materials so his neighbor’s hoof doesn’t come through if he decides to have a bout of kicking.
  4. A ceiling at least 11’ tall so he doesn’t have to worry about hitting his head if he should get the urge to rear in his stall.
  5. A stall with lots of light and fresh air. Windows and doors where he can see out will help keep him from being bored.  Plenty of fresh air will help eliminate respiratory problems. 
  6. Doors that are wide enough and open outward so he doesn’t get banged in the hip when he walks out. Doors with yokes or Dutch doors allow your horse to hang is head outside and watch what’s going on.
  7. Secure latches on the doors so he’s not tempted to play Houdini and escape.
  8. Sturdy hinges and hardware so that nothing in his stall breaks and becomes a danger.
  9. A floor that is comfortable to stand and lay on. Flooring with stall mats make for a happy horse.
  10. Plenty of clean water. While buckets may be fine, they require regular cleaning.  An automatic waterer ensures that you horse has plenty of fresh water.  Add a heater for warm water in the winter and your horse will be a happy camper.
  11. Easy feeding options – swing-out doors and hay racks so he can get his meals served quickly and easily.

Luckily, Classic Equine Equipment makes the Integrity Series that has all of the qualitieswood-barn-integrity your horse is looking for in his stall.  The Integrity Series is the ultimate component horse stall system. All grill sections and doors are solid welded, never any pieces to assemble. Constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing, the Integrity Series is available in any length. Mix and match door, feed or watering options to create the perfect horse stall. All components, including track and door hardware, sold separately.

The Integrity series is perfect for existing barn retrofits or new construction. Components are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. These products add value to your barn and security for your horses while being value engineered to fit all barn budgets.

For more information on the Integrity series and all stall options, visit the Classic Equine Equipment web site.

Photo credit: Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training, Classic Equine Equipment

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