How NOT To Be Embarrassed By Your “Horse-mobile”

horse owners carOur horse hobby has an uncanny way of spreading into and taking over our vehicles. While we might delight in eau de horse, chances are that some of the people who have to ride in our cars won’t feel the same way. Are horses taking over your vehicle? Here are some ways to reclaim  your car.

Use Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are key to getting a horsey car organized. Invest in a few heavy-duty plastic totes that fit in the trunk or in the back of your car. Whether you’re carrying your boots to the barn or have a spare set of riding clothes in the car, putting these items into a plastic tote can help to keep the odor from spreading throughout the car. Plus, the totes themselves help to keep your car neat and organized.

Buy Rubber Car Mats

When you’re dealing with mud, horse manure, and dirt, rubber car mats are an absolute must. If your car didn’t come outfitted with them, then get them. Rubber car mats help to keep water and mud from penetrating down to the floor of your car. And when they get dirty, you can pull the rubber mats out and hose or scrub them off; they’ll be good as new.

Delegate the Back of the Car to the Barnorganized horse owners car

Rather than letting all of your riding equipment take over your whole car, delegate the back portion of your car as the horsey part. If you have a trunk, great – use that. Otherwise, keep totes, extra plastic bags, baby wipes, and any other horse items organized in the back.

Install a Saddle Stand

If you transport your saddle on a regular basis, then you will want to find a way to do so safely. Consider installing a small saddle rack in your trunk, or using a small portable saddle rack. If you do use a saddle rack, secure it down well so that it cannot come loose in the event of an accident. Remember that if you ever park your car with your saddle inside, then you will want to come up with some sort of a cover so that anyone walking by cannot immediately tell that there is a saddle in your car.

Have a Lint Roller Handy

When you’re riding in a horse person’s car, horsehair will be inevitable. You can make your car a little more presentable for friends and family by keeping a lint roller in the car so that you can quickly clean the seats of horsehair.

While we might love the fact that horses take up every inch of our car, our non-horsey friends and family probably won’t feel the same way. What modifications have you made to your car for your horsey habit?

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