Put Your Tax Return Towards Upgrading Your Barn

horse and dollar signIf you are lucky enough to be getting a tax return from the government this year, consider investing at least some of that money into upgrading your barn.  As we’ve said before, you don’t have to do a major overhaul all at one time to get  your dream barn.  Start with something small that can make a big impact on your barn’s look and/or functionality.

Some great things to invest in could include:

More ventilation – with warmer days coming up soon, now’s the good time to see about barn fanreplacing your old box fans with new barn-safe fans.  Most box fans motors are not sealed. This creates a fire hazard should they become dusty and overheat. Some electrical products to be sure they are meant for the rigors of a barn environment!  Barn-appropriate fans are usually either basket type or ceiling type.

barn lightingMore light – even though days are getting longer, barn interiors can still remain dark.  Add barn lights. Horses often have a time adjusting their eyesight from light to dark areas and can spook or even resist when moving in and out of light.  Lights in the barn can help alleviate that problem.  Also consider lights around entryways to the barn for safety reasons.horse stall with mats

More support – while horse tend to have more turnout and exercise time during the summer, they still appreciate the comfort of having a stall mat to stand on in their stall.  Plus, it makes stall cleaning easier and more cost-effective for you by using less shavings.

wash bayEasier bathing – summer often means more bath time for your horse, whether for an upcoming show or just to hose the sweat off after a long ride. But if you are tired of being tangled up in hoses or having your horse mistake one for a snake, consider investing in an over-the top washer.  This wash unit keeps the hose above the animal’s head and off the floor.  The hose holder keeps the hose above the horse’s head, making it easy to move quietly and quickly.

Tack Wall NonRevolve edit

More organization – an organized tack room is every barn’s dream.  And now it can come true with the Ultimate Tack System. The Ultimate Tack System can handle all types of tack from the lightest English saddles to the heaviest Western rigs. Best of all, the Ultimate Tack System allows you to order any combination of components, so you can organize your tack, your way.

CCE new logo 75 percent boxedIf you need more ideas on how to spend your tax return to upgrade your barn, feel free to contact us.

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