Consider These Layouts For Your New Barn


Are planning your dream barn, but not sure of what type of layout is best for you and your horses? No problem. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of barn layouts so that you can find the one that is just right for your facility.  And rest assured that our quality and affordable Classic Equine Equipment products can be used in any of these designs – and more!

shedrow herbst farmShed Row Barns

Shed row style barns feature a single line of stalls which face directly out into the open. Generally a gable roof extends out over the stalls, providing a covered area in which to work. Shed row barns are ideal for warmer climates where you don’t need the added weather protection of a full interior barn. They allow for excellent ventilation, since the horse stalls open onto the open-sided roof. However, shed row style barns aren’t a great choice for cold climates when you really need to be indoors during the winter.

Center Aisle BarnsCEE doors

Center aisle barns are one of the most popular barn styles in the equestrian world. Center aisle barns consist of two rows of stalls separated by a center aisle. These barns provide a sheltered interior to work within, and the orientation of the stalls makes them easily accessible when caring for large numbers of horses. When positioned to take advantage of the wind’s path, a center aisle barn can help to maximize ventilation.

Back-to-Back Barn

A back-to-back barn features two rows of stalls which are placed directly back-to-back. The stalls are designed to use the same single back wall, which can be an excellent way to save money. However, make sure that you use only quality wood and construction for this back wall, since it needs to support the wear and tear of two horses. In a back-to-back barn, the stalls face outward, similarly to a shed row. This design is excellent for warmer climates, but again, is not suitable for areas with a harsh winter. Putting up walls and enclosing the barn with exterior aisles is one way to make this design more versatile and suitable for colder weather. This style is sometimes referred to as an island stall design.

L-Shaped Barns

L-shaped barns are center aisle barns which include a right angle turn. This style can be an excellent choice when working within a smaller area in which you can build. The L-style barn can maximize the number of stalls that you can include while still keeping all of the horses under a single roof.

U-Shaped Barns

U-shaped barns are a popular style for larger facilities. They are center aisle barns which feature three aisles in the shape of a U. All of the stalls are connected in this style, and the U-shaped barn also provides a convenient area for a courtyard, a horse grooming stall, or any other features that you may wish to include.

It’s important that your barn layout is right for your intended uses. If you have questions about your barn layout, then please contact us – we’re happy to discuss your plans with you.

Photo credit:  Classic Equine Equipment

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