5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Horse

  1. girl hugging horse RegentInsuranceGroupA Fashion partner
  • Loves new trends in colors and products as much as you do;
  • Loves when his leg wraps and saddle pads match;
  • (Mostly) enjoys the creative ways you braid his mane.
  1. A Therapist
  • Never tells you it’s your fault;
  • Can always improve your mood by doing something cute or silly;
  • It’s free!
  1. A Fitness buddy
  • Appreciates all the weightlifting you do to make his stall clean and comfy;
  • Knows that even though you’re riding him, you are still doing a lot of the work;
  • Doesn’t let you get away with just visiting him in his stall and not actually doing any riding.
  1. A Teammate
  • Knows what your riding goals are and is ready to help you;
  • Makes things just difficult enough so that you appreciate any improvement;
  • Loves to win as much as you do.
  1. A Friend
  • Listens to your stories;
  • Never talks about you behind your back;
  • Won’t post ugly photos or stories about you on social media;
  • Keeps your secrets forever;
  • Is thankful for you, too!